Plant protection agent

Swiss Hanf Production AG produces a plant protection agent which is most effectively used as a purely natural product for pest control – especially on fruit trees, for vines and berries as well as for elders. Farms and owners of orchards are already waiting to use our plant protection agent against fire blight (a fungal infestation) and against the drosophila suzukii vinegar fly (also known as Asian fly).

In 2016, 2,200 tons of pesticides (= some 2.75 million liters) were used in Switzerland alone ( sen/natur/pestizide-schweizer-bau- ern-uebertreiben-es/story/10252421), and about 14 times as much (approx. 38 million liters) in Germany (

The retail price per liter of our plant protection agent costs the farmers as much as a liter of chemical pesticides. Despite at least the same efficiency as chemicals known and used so far and unlike pesticides, however, it is absolutely harmless. The scent of the plant protection agent effectively keeps the vinegar fly away from the plant. Consequently, our plant protection agent can also be used against other harmful insects.

In addition, the high antibiotic effects of certain herbal agents within our plant protection agent successfully fights erwinia amylovora bacteria causing fire blight. The key advantage: No health-damaging chemicals or even carcinogenic residues will remain in animals, humans, food and feed nor contaminate the environment. Using our plant protection agent helps protecting bee colonies – the first and most severely affected links in the food chain – while the honey they produce will remain free of chemical residues since bees are usually in direct contact with fruit blossoms treated with pesticides or with chemical insecticides. In close future, Swiss Hanf Production will also test the effects of this plant protection agent on Varroa mite responsible for the death of several bee colonies.

Our plant protection agent is used for pest control on fruit trees, grape vines, berries, olive orchards and elders.

It doesn’t kill the pests – in particular the drosophila suzukii vinegar fly (also known as Asian fly). They just avoid the fruits and plants treated with our plant protection agent due to their scent.

Increasing the production volume to several thousand liters, the production costs per liter could be cut even further. The retail prices could be lowered accordingly.

So far, some 1,200 liters of the plant protection agent have already been produced. With the infrastructure already available and a cultivation area of 7 ha, 140,000 liters of our plant protection agent could be produced.

There is a tremendous global demand for a highly effective but yet harmless plant protection agent as an alternative to highly toxic fungicides and pesticides. Accordingly, there is a huge potential – e.g. for

  • Fruit and berry producers in Central Europe
  • Vintners in Italy and France
  • Producers of olives in southern Europe

Especially the North American agricultural industry suffers from drosophila suzukii vinegar flies (also known as Asian flies) causing billions worth of damage and harvest losses.