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Gratis Versand ab CHF 50.-

📦 Gratis Versand ab CHF 50.-
Swisshanf Production AG


The nature revolution for the well-being of your animal!

Discover PET DROP, the dietary supplement with the power of Omega 3 and 6 from pure, cold-pressed hemp oil. Give your pet shiny fur, strong nails, and a robust immune system. With PET DROP you promote the natural vitality of your favorite.



Natural Excellence, Made in Switzerland 🇨🇭

Welcome to Swiss Hemp Production AG, your trusted partner for organic hemp products. With decades of experience, our company specializes in the production of cosmetics, wellness, beauty products, and oils, as well as hemp-based pesticides and animal feed.

100% Swiss Hemp

Quality, tradition, and purity in every product. Organically grown and processed for your well-being and that of your animals, directly from Switzerland.

Rich in Omega 3 and 6

Our Swiss hemp promotes health and well-being through natural, nutrient-rich quality products, directly from Switzerland.

Hemp against stress and anxiety

Natural relief with Swiss quality. Discover our range for calm, relaxation, and well-being, directly from Switzerland.

From the Swiss farmer to you

Quality hemp, organically grown. Discover our products for health and well-being, directly from the farms of Switzerland.

Hemp Feed Flour & Pellets

Natural nutrition for your pets

Our Hemp Feed Flour & Pellets come from organic farming in Switzerland and provide natural nutrition for larger pets and rodents. Without burdensome chemical additives, pesticides, or herbicides, we rely on pure nature. Our hemp feed products are available in 5 different varieties and reflect our commitment to quality, health, and environmental responsibility. Trust in Swiss quality for the well-being of your animal.


Hemp Feed Flour Basic


Hemp Feed Pellets Apple

Futterhanf für Heimtiere Fenchel

Hemp Feed Pellets Fennel

Futterhanf für Heimtiere Thymian

Hemp Feed Pellets Thyme

Sleep & Relaxation Pillow

For natural recovery and improved sleep quality.

Our hemp pillow is your key to restful nights. Specially designed to promote relaxation in stressful situations, it supports healthy sleep. With each breath, the essential oils of the hemp released by body heat exert their calming effect.

Includes 3 replaceable scent sleeves, filled with Swiss stone pine wood, lavender, and 50 grams of Swiss CBD hemp flowers and cuts from gentle cultivation, 100% natural! Developed by Swiss manufacturers for the highest standards, our Sleep & Relaxation Pillow stands for quality, comfort, and improved quality of life.

CBD Hemp

CBD hemp in the pillow promotes relaxation and well-being, enhanced by natural essential oils for restful sleep.


Lavender in the pillow soothes the senses, promotes relaxation, and contributes to a peaceful and restful sleep.

Swiss stone pine wood

Swiss stone pine wood in the pillow refreshes the air, supports the respiratory system, and creates a calming atmosphere for restful sleep.

Relaxation & Care

Revitalize Skin & Senses

Experience gentle care with our hemp gel & hemp balm. Formulated with pure hemp, it promotes relaxation and revitalizes skin and senses. Natural beauty from the power of nature.

Hanfgel-Swisshanf production AG


Hanf-balsam-swisshanf production ag

Hemp Balm